The Temple Mount is God’s Jewish Footprint

Observations by Stephen L. Golay


  • Civilization began when Abraham said ‘Yes’ and left the land of his forefathers; when Aristotle stepped out onto the portico and said ‘No’ to his teacher Plato; and when Julius Caesar, taking up the cross before Constantine, crossed the River Rubicon.
  • The French Revolution burst the Gates of Hell.
  • A totalitarian god is no God – such is neither compassionate nor merciful.
  • The Son of Man who sits at the right hand of Father is a Jew.
  • Nicene Creed Addition: “I believe that Salvation is from the Jews.”
  • Israel is hated because it is the object of God’s particular affection. Yet, it is that election which reveals God’s universal love.
  • Islam has three choices:
    • Demythologize and become a folk memory.
    • Tear itself asunder into the parts it snatched off the desert sands: Jewish, Christian and pagan bits and pieces. (Doing so, it would be admitting that Islam is nothing but variations of Jewish and Christian heresies.)
    • Or, return to its root: the violent, totalitarian words and deeds of Muhammad. (Islam unfolded from the life of that man.)
  • Read “The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam”, Bat Ye’or.
  • Read “Eurabia”, Bat Ye’or. Start with article collection at
  • Read “Salvation is from the Jews”, Roy Schoeman.
  • Read “The Truth about Muhammad”, Robert Spencer. Start with these reviews 1 & 2
  • Read “Islamic Imperialism”, Efraim Karsh. Start with this review.
  • Read “Londonistan”, Melanie Phillips.
  • Read “America Alone”, Mark Steyn. Start with this review, and this interview.

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