The Temple Mount is God’s Jewish Footprint

Observations by Stephen L. Golay

Where is God’s Footprint?

Posted by Stephen Golay on November 5, 2006


Join the Resistance: “We will never go dhimmi.”

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Like many, this site is working itself out – salvation and all! Visit often. Building it to assist my homeschooled grandson. He needs a collection of articles touching on the subjects of the “Pages”.

No intent towards comprehension. Its purpose is to alert the reader to a few well written pieces listed under each heading. (Underline well written. That’s what keeps it from being comprehensive!) Selections will be updated frequently. If you care, descend to my opinion of things you’re welcome to a dip into “My Islamic Thoughts”.

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One Response to “Where is God’s Footprint?”

  1. Thiu0455 is a topic that’s close to my heart… Many thanks!nWhere arre your contact details though? Click

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